ITAR Support & Consulting Services

Excelerate is proud to offer ITAR and Export Consulting Services for any size organization.  We are here to help and support whether your company is completely new to the ITAR game or is a large multinational corporation that needs to augment existing staff.  Our experience spans the globe, across all products and support situations,  so we look forward to working with you on your ITAR need.

  • License and Agreement Preparation, Review and Consulting
  • Compliance Program Development, Implementation and Training
  • Training - On-Site, Web Based and Video Based
  • Voluntary Disclosure Advice and Preparation
  • Commodity Jurisdiction Requests (CJR)
  • ITAR Questions and Answers
  • Proposal Teaming
  • Congressional Notifications
  • Exporting, Importing, Transferring and Coordination
  • Product Distribution Worldwide by International Business Coordinators (IBC)
Excelerate is technology based with an engineering core that supports technologies, products and systems worldwide.  This means we apply practical experience to our ITAR support.  With our staff of defense systems engineers, we have the team to truly understand your product and to write technically based export licenses and agreements.  An accurate technically based description of your activity or product ensures that the license or agreement is presented for review in the proper manner promoting timely approval.  Our export license approval average is nearly 100% because we provide insight as to how the international effort must be executed to obtain export approval.  This significantly reduces the time and effort needed to execute ITAR controlled businesses.

We offer our Consulting Services at an affordable hourly rate or as a fixed priced effort, whichever you prefer.  Some of our activities include:  DDTC Registration; Export Licenses (DSP-5, DSP-61, DSP-73, etc.); ITAR Agreements (Technical Assistance Agreements, Manufacturing License Agreements, and Warehouse Distribution Agreements); Commodity Jurisdiction Request (CJRs); Voluntary Disclosures; and any other correspondence with DDTC.

Through the years Excelerate found that most of our customers employ our consulting services across all aspects of ITAR related business.  For this reason we created what we call Support Bundles that save time and money when conducting ITAR related business.  Checkout the Bundles pages to see where you may be able to save money on grouping necessary support into logical, cost effective bundles.

All of us are aware that business is global these days and Excelerate is here to make sure you execute with full adherence to the regulations.  Feel free to contact us on any aspect of international business such as contracts, negotiating, financing, business practices, well as compliance with the necessary ITAR regulations. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon...