ITAR Training Options

What's fantastic is that our training is available as a web based video or in person at your facility.  We have executed training both ways and each have their advantages but rest assured what you will receive is an excellent course from talented and experienced personnel.  Our instructors live the ITAR since they are part of our International Business Coordinator (IBC) team writing licenses, agreements and ensuring company compliance.  They are nice people as well.

Excelerate's plan was to have all of our training on-line by now in video format.  Well, we are getting there.  We under-estimated the undertaking of recording, editing, formatting and preparing the site for on-line operation.  

So let us know how we can help with your training needs and we will make it happen.  Courses can also be tailored as needed for any specific focus you require.  Check back often to as we move ahead with our on line training system.

Example Training Videos

ITAR Introduction

Registration and Renewal


ITAR-101:  Introduction to ITAR - 10 minute video
ITAR-102:  Foreign Party Responsibilities


ITAR-201:  ITAR for Management and Compliance Staff  
ITAR-202:  Export Control Overview for Company Personnel  


ITAR-301:  ITAR Compliance Overview
ITAR-302:  Registration & Renewal
ITAR-303:  Technology Control Plan
ITAR-304:  Voluntary Disclosures
ITAR-305:  Commodity Classification Determination
ITAR-306:  Licenses vs. Agreements 


ITAR-401:  License for Permanent Export (DSP-5)
ITAR-402:  License for Temporary Export (DSP-73)
ITAR-403:  License for Temporary Import (DSP-61)
ITAR-404:  Commerce Jurisdiction Request (CJR)
ITAR-405:  Using Exemptions
ITAR-406:  License Approved - Now What?
ITAR-407:  License Amendments


ITAR-501:  Is an Agreement Required? 
ITAR-502:  Technical Assistance Agreements (TAA)
ITAR-503:  Manufacturing License Agreements (MLA)
ITAR-504:  Warhouse & Distribution Agreement (WDA)
ITAR-505:  Agreement Approved - Now What?
ITAR-506:  Ammending an Agreement